Wasps Statement

Tuesday 17th October 2023.

One year on. Getting there.

It has been 12 months since the administration event that saw WASPS relegated from the RFU - and that was the day that we planned our return.

You will know our journey through the fit and proper process of the RFU and the difficulties we faced on funding and acceptance to enter the Championship, and our removal from that process.

At the time I mentioned the apathy and the lack of engagement, and the almost impossible task of securing sustainable funding with the absence of a clear direction of travel, as well as the endemic investor fatigue toward the game.

But we have persevered, and our steadfast intention remains to return to Rugby at the highest level possible, ideally for the 24/25 season, or if prudent and necessary, the 25/26 season.

As before, our return is reliant on our ability to secure a team, sponsorship and management, and to meet or exceed the legal and regulatory requirements to play, all of which we are more than able to do. Our focus therefore remains the 3 significant points of failure or success.

A competition entity

One that is fit for purpose and reflects the values that WASPS and others adhere to. We are pursuing all options in this regard.

Sustainable finance

The cornerstone of our recovery relies on sustainable finance and a robust business plan that avoids a single point of failure. Rugby as an entity does not meet the threshold of financial sustainability without additional complimentary income, which we have planned in detail in our stadium business and development programme.

A stadium in which to play

We have made substantial progress in the establishment of a permanent home. Later this month we will make a further announcement which will detail the now advanced progress toward our new ground.

As ever we are crucially aware that our global fanbase are eager for news. However, you only have to look at the changing landscape of Rugby over the last year to understand that the climate we are operating in changes almost daily, and we need to ensure that our communications to you are accurate and worthwhile. We have invested in the means to provide a regular update to all our registered fans, and I would ask that you sign up using the button below.

Start the swarm

Meanwhile, our journey continues and collectively we are all extremely grateful and humbled by the continuing support of each and everyone of you.

Christopher Holland

Chairman & CEO