Something to Chew On


Funded by Public Health England, Something to Chew On delivers an exciting and effective approach across the top 20% of the most deprived schools using the power of Premiership Rugby’s 12 clubs to tackle the obesity epidemic across England.

The programme uses rugby to encourage children to become more active and to eat more healthily through tag rugby and classroom-based exercises. In Years One and Two combined, Something to Chew On educated nearly 15,000 young people about healthy eating, resulting in a positive impact on children’s food choices and making them more active.  

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  • 98% of teachers would recommend Something to Chew On to a colleague
    Up to 340 participating teachers trained in tag rugby delivery to create a legacy
  •  85% of children say they learned how to prepare food safely

    The programme incorporates one hour of classroom teaching on diet and health, food safety, food preparation and cooking.

  • 71% of parents said their child now enjoys playing sport more
    There is one hour of rugby, fitness and body movement on the field to motivate children to be active.

At the launch of Something to Chew On, Premiership Rugby Ltd.'s Director or Community and Corporate Responsibility Wayne Morris said: “Today, almost three in ten boys and girls aged 2 to 15 are classed as either overweight or obese [ed. click here for 2014 Health survey for England]. If trends continue, by 2025 47% of men and 36% of women could be obese.

This future burden of ill health and obesity will be borne both by the individual and more broadly by the state healthcare system. Tackling obesity today is therefore high on both the government’s and media’s agenda.

Delivering change that ensures all British children live healthy and active lifestyles requires an approach which can pass on information and inspiration to eat more healthily; tackles inactivity by promoting fundamentals of movement; and teams up with children, teachers, parents and professional sport to make changes in the long term.

Premiership Rugby’s Something to Chew On healthy living programme does just that and we are very excited to partner with our sponsor The Supporters Club to deliver this programme. We are also grateful for the technical and advisory support of Public Health England.”

Professor Kevin Fenton, Director of Health and Wellbeing, Public Health England told us: “Learning how to choose, cook and eat safe, healthy food from a young age is an invaluable skill. By ensuring youngsters develop these important life skills and good habits early; we hope this will have a positive and lasting impact throughout their lives.

We know through our work, including the Change 4 Life campaign, that making healthy eating relevant and fun is crucial to engaging and empowering children and young people. This is why Public Health England is delighted to be involved in a long term commitment with Premiership Rugby on the Something to Chew On programme, which offers an exciting and creative way of reaching this age group.

 Something to Chew On helps children to learn about nutrition, the importance of maintaining a healthy weight and being active as part of a healthy lifestyle. We have no doubts that children taking part in the programme will find learning these skills both fun and stimulating.”

Of their support of Something to Chew On, Pete Oliver (Managing Director, BT Consumer Commercial, Marketing and Digital) said: “The Supporters Club from BT Sport aims to build a better world by bringing people together through sport. Thanks to BT Sport customer donations, we are pleased to be partnering with Premiership Rugby to deliver a healthy eating programme, Something to Chew On, that helps children and their families in making the right decisions about health, exercise and food.”

How can I get my school involved with Wasps delivery of Something to Chew On?

Our delivery of Something to Chew On forms a part of the Wasps Community Schools Rugby Programme.

To find out how you can receive elements of the Wasps' delivery of the Something to Chew On programme, or to book your school in, please email us on